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Spotlessly reconditioned vehicles in your inventory are worth more. They sell faster. They command higher margins. At IVS, we ensure that every detail is taken care of so that your reconditioned vehicles add value to your inventory and profit to your bottom line.

IVS supplies all labor, management and materials

This includes quality control, administration and production personnel. Our on-site managers ensure that every vehicle meets our high standards, including walking the cars prior to sale day with the customer representatives. For each client we offer a range of services and benefits:

Fixed Reconditioning Cost:

To provide the auction with a reasonable profit opportunity, reconditioning costs are fixed. This allows the auction to better budget the direct resources to areas other than reconditioning. Exact costs are based on volume and negotiated independently for each contract. Reconditioning pricing includes all materials and labor.

A Culture of Safety:

With IVS, safety always comes first — the safety of our employees, of your employees, of everyone who comes on your lot. We set the highest standards in the industry for training and management of our safety programs.

Reduced Employee Benefit Costs:

Because all reconditioning employees are now employed by IVS, associated benefit costs and costs of employment then becomes the responsibility of IVS

Reduction in Workman’s Comp:

Along with Workman’s Comp, personal injury insurance becomes the responsibility of IVS. Certificates of insurance can be provided upon request and can be customized to fit appropriate levels required by the auction should they differ from our standard liability coverage.

Reduced Human Resource Costs:

IVS assumes the responsibility for employment for all recon employees. All associated HR functions, including health and safety, become the responsibility of IVS.

Highest Level of Quality Guaranteed:

We guarantee finished product quality to be at or above quality levels currently available at the auction location. IVS will absorb all training costs for recon employees and management. We will also provide onsite training and monitoring for quality.

Strong Manufacturer Relationships:

Because Senior Management of IVS has a long active history in the auction industry, strong manufacturer and fleet lease relationships have been established. We have an understanding of the manufacturer requirements as they pertain to the remarketing industry and the development of processes to meet those requirements.

Member of NAMA, VRA and the NAAA:

Our active membership in the National Association of Motor Auctions, the Vehicle Remarketing Association, as well as the National Association of Automotive Auctions demonstrates commitment to the success of the industry.



We give full attention to every vehicle that rolls through our shop, ensuring that every detail is considered. We will tailor our services specifically to your needs and we provide all labor, management and materials.

Mechanical Inspection/Repair

IVS’s qualified technicians can provide quality mechanical inspections and repairs as you need.

Paint/Body Repair

Using the most current repair techniques and superior materials from PPG and Axalta, we provide the highest quality of repair.

Interior Trim Repair

Through our partnership with Trim Perfect, we make tears, scrapes, burns, stains and other interior trim damage virtually disappear. We repair bumpers, paint chips, as well as windscreens. All PDR are performed by our certified technicians.

Sale-Day Arbitration

IVS provides arbitration services, providing an independent assessment to the auction.

Inspections and Imagining

IVS has on staff qualified inspectors, who are available during peak periods.

Headlight Restoration

We give new life to scratched, discolored headlights, restoring them to their original brightness.

Lot Operations

With years of experience in the auction industry, we’ve expanded our expertise to include lot operations. We provide all of the personnel necessary to efficiently move vehicles within the confines of the auction. For your business, that means reduced headcount and no overtime, while maintaining the highest level of service. Prices are based on a “per vehicle entered” basis and customized for each auction site.

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